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Trauma-Informed Yoga

In a trauma-informed yoga class we work 1-on-1 or in small groups.

We work somatically to rediscover the felt sense of the body, meaning we work with feelings and sensations. Talking about your trauma is not necessary in these sessions. To find out more continue reading below...

How we get started

Before we meet I will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire, where every answer is optional. You do not need to share anything you do not feel comfortable sharing but it's good for me to have an understanding of the type of trauma (early childhood, post-natal, car accident etc.)

Then we will find a suitable time and location to work together. Location options are Tadasana Room at Monkhill Farm, Faversham or Ikigai Studio, Whitstable or at your home (if local). 

What a session may look like

Every session is unique as we work on gently moving the body one section at a time. Consciously breathing into the sensation that arise. How long we stay within each movement is directed by you. The strength and pace of each movement is directed by you. Your sense of safety and agency are my priority. 

Other techniques may be used where applicable such as meditation, reiki, yoga nidra or touch. (Mostly touch is avoided)

Themes that we may work on are grounding, centring, building the core, heart opening or deep relaxaton.

Generally we can work together for 6 to10 sessions, more or less could be needed.

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